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Presidential Hopeful Divorces Husband, Marries the People

Divorce has become a controversial issue in the upcoming election in the Central American country of Guatemala. Its current President Alvaro Colom came into office in 2007. With the first round of new elections coming this fall, one of the candidates hoping to succeed him is Sandra Torres, Colom’s wife. Torres ran into a problem, though, as Guatemala forbids family members of current presidents from running in the next election. As a result, she opted for a divorce.

Guatemala has the provision in order to prevent scandals and a sole family from dominating politics in the country. Hoping to be the country’s first female president, Torres decided that a divorce was more important than marriage. As she tells newspapers, “I am divorcing my husband, but marrying the people.” For information on divorce, a Houston divorce lawyer is available to assist spouses.

Ironically, the divorce may actually prevent Torres’s chances at becoming the next Guatemalan president. It is a religious country, mostly Catholic, and the divorce seems to have brought a stigma to Torres. Some Guatemalans see Torres’s decision as a decline in moral values, a trait they do not want in the leader of their country. Details on the impact of a divorce in the United States are available from a Houston divorce attorney.

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