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Social Networking Sites May Haunt Divorcing Spouses

More and more ex-spouses are getting into trouble and losing money due to their online activity. Opposing lawyers are using comments that people post on sites like Facebook or Twitter to obtain settlements more favorable to their own client. In divorces that involve significant assets, this activity could have great ramifications. A Houston prenuptial agreement attorney can provide more information on ongoing divorce proceedings.

20 percent of divorces now involve Facebook. Almost all divorce lawyers say they have seen increasing numbers of divorce cases that involve evidence obtained from social networking sites. One example of common evidence from social networking sites involves cases of infidelity. Often, a spouse who is seeing someone else will be friends with that person on Facebook, for example. If the two maintained regular contact over a period of time, there could be a perfectly stored electronic journal of the extra-marital relationship.

Another area involves custody disputes. If an ex-spouse has pictures of him or herself drinking, partying or engaging in other types of behavior suggesting that he or she is not responsible, a judge may be more likely to award custody rights to the other spouse.

As spouses usually share passwords, login information and even email accounts, they each may be able to obtain extensive amounts of information on the other. A Houston divorce attorney can help clients better understand how a person’s internet presence can affect his or her divorce proceedings.

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