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Texas Divorce and Prenuptial Agreement

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Some of the Most Expensive Divorces of All Time

For celebrities, divorce often means the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars when they decide to part ways with their spouse. Below are some of the most expensive divorces ever amongst American celebrities. For those considering a divorce, a Houston divorce lawyer can provide expert advice on how to manage a divorce’s financial effects.

In 2009, actor Mel Gibson and his wife Robyn Gibson split up after 28 years of marriage. Because there was no prenuptial agreement in place, Robyn was entitled to half of Gibson’s assets, reportedly almost half a billion dollars. Tabloids have described it as the most expensive divorce in Hollywood history. It is a good example of why a Texas prenuptial agreement is a good idea for couples with significant income and assets.

In 2007, basketball icon Michael Jordan and his wife Juanita divorced after 17 years of marriage. Until the Gibson divorce, tabloids considered Jordan’s divorce the most expensive in entertainment history. Juanita reportedly received in the neighborhood of $150 million. She had filed for divorce in the past, in 2002, but the couple was able to reconcile and work things out.

Lastly, legendary singer-songwriter Neil Diamond split from his wife Marcia Murphey in 1994. The two had been married since 1969, before the height of Diamond’s fame. Marcia reportedly received approximately $150 million, half of Diamond’s fortune at the time.

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