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Study Links Divorce with Young Children’s School Performance

Divorce’s effects on kids is one of the most important things to take into account when a husband and wife go their separate ways. A recent, long-term study found that young children of divorced parents face problems relating to emotions, social skills and math abilities for at least two years following divorce. Couples who are considering a divorce and who have young children may wish to discuss divorce’s effects with a Houston divorce lawyer.

The study examined children during three phases: pre-divorce, middle of divorce and post-divorce. The researchers did not find any issues during the pre-divorce stage, but they found that, once proceedings began, children fell behind their peers in particular skills. For example, they found that children began to internalize their behavior problems and exhibited signs of sadness and depression. These children also lagged behind their peers in math and social skills indicators. The study found that it took them at least two years to get back to their peers’ levels.

These results confirm experts’ beliefs that divorce strongly affects children and that divorce can have significant consequences if ignored. Helping children cope with a divorce is essential to helping the family move forward. A Houston divorce attorney can provide further guidance on the effects of divorce.

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