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Two Catholic Countries Legalize Divorce for First Time

It may sound strange, but, in two countries, both predominantly Catholic, the people are making efforts to legalize divorce for the first time in their history. In the United States and most developed countries, divorce has become commonplace. Here, about half of all married couples end up divorcing. A spouse considering a divorce should consult with a Houston divorce lawyer to make the best financial decision.

Only three Catholic countries in the world have no divorce laws – Malta, the Philippines and Vatican City. The first two are set to change that. Malta is a small island country just south of Sicily. Nearly three-fourths of the country turned out to vote in a non-binding referendum. The majority voted in favor of permitting couples to divorce who have been separated for at least four years.

On the other side of the world, legislators in the Philippines began debates to legalize divorce in the country. One representative who supported the bill said he thought people should not have to remain married who cannot continue to live together. He argued that divorced couples can still do a good job raising their children even when the parents live apart. The Filipino legislation would permit divorce for couples who have been separated for at least two years. Here in the United States, a Houston divorce attorney can provide more details on the effects of separation and divorce.

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