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Divorce May Have Ruined Presidential Candidate’s Chances

A recent post discussed Guatemalan presidential hopeful Sandra Torres’s decision to divorce her husband for her country. Barred from running because her husband was the outgoing president, Torres divorced Alvaro Colom in order to get around the law forbidding relatives from becoming president.

Torres faces another uphill battle now that the election authorities have ruled that she is ineligible to run due to alleged legal fraud. The election authorities claim that her divorce was fraudulent because she sought it merely to get around a provision of Guatemala’s constitution. Torres and her political party can appeal the electoral board’s decision up to the country’s Constitutional Court.

That appeal is the last chance that Torres and her supporters have to get her on the ballot for this fall’s election. The appeals process has to move quickly, as the candidate list needed to be final by July 11 in preparation for the September presidential election.

Even if Torres does manage to get on the ballot for the election, polls suggest that the divorce may have eliminated her chance of winning. Political parties like the Patriot Party have criticized Torres’s divorce, describing it as “electoral fraud” and “immoral.” Torres currently only has the support of about 15 percent of Guatemalans, nearly 30 points less than the former Army general who represents the Patriot Party.

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