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Eccentric British Aristocrat Secretly Records Wife

While much of Great Britain remains fixated on the recent royal wedding, another famed Englishman is making headlines for his divorce from – and potentially illegal tape recording of – his soon to be ex-wife. Spencer Compton is more commonly known as the 7th Marquess of Northampton, a title that first arose in 1547.

Compton’s fortune is vast and includes mansions, artwork and a collection of treasurers from the Roman era. He has seen his assets diminish over the years, however, as he has been married five times and is now undergoing his fifth divorce. British newspapers expect Compton’s fifth wife, Lady Pamela, to receive nearly $32 million in the divorce. Here in the United States, a Texas prenuptial agreement is one option for couples to consider when they have substantial assets going into marriage.

Compton received recordings of conversations between Lady Pamela and her father that a partner of her father secretly recorded for Compton. Compton began the divorce proceedings last fall shortly after learning of the tapes’ contents. Both sides are under strict court orders not to release information about the tapes, but the partner who recorded them was apparently “indignant” at their contents. The recordings may force Compton to sell other precious paintings and treasures he possesses to satisfy the divorce decree. A Houston divorce attorney can provide advice on how a divorce will affect a spouse’s financial state.

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