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Former Reality Show Contestant Blames Seinfeld for Divorce

A former contestant on NBC’s TV show “The Marriage Ref” is blaming the show and one of its producers, comedian Jerry Seinfeld, for breaking up his marriage. The 47-year-old Manhattan man says that the show’s TV tagline should read: “Jerry Seinfeld ruined my life: the danger of reality shows.” Assistance for those considering a divorce is available from a Houston prenuptial agreement attorney.

The NBC show debuted in February of 2010. Season two began the last week in June of this year. The format of the show involves real-life couples having arguments, which a celebrity panel and the marriage referee himself, comedian Tom Papa, then consider. The panel and Papa decide on a winner. For season two, each winner will receive $25,000 and a billboard in their hometown announcing to the world that he or she was correct.

The former contestant in this case says that his wife became so obsessed with fame after appearing on the show that it ruined their 14-year marriage. He says she left him and their young son to try to appear on another reality show. According to the man, NBC fabricated an argument between him and his wife. In reality, they argued over how to run the spa they owned. The producers, he says, told them to argue about his taking off his wedding ring when he played basketball. A spouse considering a divorce may wish to speak to a Houston divorce lawyer before taking action.

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