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J. Lo to Divorce Again, But Still Battling First Husband

Jennifer Lopez appeared to have settled down after she and Ben Affleck ended their high profile relationship in 2004. Shortly afterwards, Lopez began dating Marc Anthony, whom she had dated in the late 1990s and with whom she had remained friends. The two hit it off immediately, and she and Anthony married in 2004. The couple had fraternal twins together in 2008. Just a few weeks ago, though, they announced that they had decided to divorce.

Hopefully for Lopez, the divorce and financial settlement go smoother than it did for her first marriage and divorce. In February 1997, Lopez married Ojani Noa, a Cuban man whom she met while working as a waitress in Miami. The two divorced 11 months later in January of 1998, but Lopez continues to find herself embroiled in legal battles with her first ex-husband.

Lopez hired Noa in 2002 to manage a restaurant that she owned. She fired him later that year, he filed a lawsuit as a result, and the two reached a confidential settlement agreement. In 2006, Lopez sued Noa to stop his publishing a book containing personal details about their brief marriage. She received over half a million dollars in damages and legal fees. Lopez sued Noa again in 2009 for breach of contract and invasion of privacy. She continues to hope to prevent Noa from releasing personal information about her and about the time they were married.

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