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Japanese Hold Ceremonies for the Marriage and the Divorce

Marriages are almost always elaborate and festive ceremonies with spouses and their guests sparing no expense in dressing nicely and sharing in the couple’s excitement. At least in the United States, divorces usually fall on the other end of the spectrum, as couples decide how to split property, share time with their children and go their separate ways. In Japan, however, more and more couples are looking at divorce in a glass half-full manner.

As in the United States, the divorce rate in Japan has risen steadily since World War II. Divorce carries less and less of a stigma with passing years, and many Japanese are looking towards divorce as a way to begin a new chapter in their lives. As such, some Japanese couples who are divorcing opt for a divorce ceremony, bringing together the bride and groom in much the same way as they come together for their marriage.

The couple dresses up and appears in front of a group of friends and an official like a member of the clergy. One divorce planner (who functions much like a wedding planner) brings each spouse to the ceremony in a separate rickshaw and then performs a ceremony in which he refers to them as ex-groom and ex-bridge. He hands the couple a hammer, and they smash a wedding ring. The planner comments on how complex and difficult the decision to divorce must have been, and then wishes the couple well as they both “restart” their lives.

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