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Bank CEO Describes Gifts to Other Women as Investments

Celebrities are not the only ones who should consider employing a prenuptial agreement before getting married. Business men and women, heirs and heiresses and others who bring substantial income and assets into marriage would be wise to consider it as well. A bank CEO is facing a lawsuit from his wife of 35-years over the amount of their divorce settlement amidst claims of infidelity.

John Duffy is the CEO of an investment bank, Keefe, Bruyette & Woods. He and his wife Kathy are divorcing, and she rejected his offer to settle the divorce for $20 million. The reason – Kathy cites the numerous affairs of her husband and the gifts that he gave the other women.

In her court filings, Kathy goes into detail about the money that John supposedly spent on other women. For one woman (described as a tattooed, blonde lead singer of a rock band), John reportedly bought her a $73,000 car, a Rolex watch and other gifts totaling $770,000. For another, Kathy alleges that John purchased her a condo in New York for $345,000 and a home in Connecticut worth $465,000.

John has another term for the things he bought these other women. In his response, he says they are not gifts, but “investments.” Kathy is upset that she has had to resort to a lawsuit to settle the matter, but John refuses to budge. The women at the center of the dispute will be testifying in court to help settle John and Kathy’s divorce.

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