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China Rules that Ex-Wives Cannot Get Husband’s House

Other countries’ takes on marriage and divorce always make for an interesting comparison with marriage and divorce in the United States. China recently went so far as to eliminate the ability for women to receive any portion of their husband’s house if he had it before marriage. And its reasoning for taking this step – excessive materialism.

The Chinese government became too concerned that women were marrying exclusively for money. Marrying a man with a high income and a house are requirements for many Chinese women who have a phrase for those “risky” marriages that come without a house – “naked marriages.”

China’s Supreme Court stepped in and ruled that whoever buys the family house keeps it after the divorce. It felt that it had to make such a change to the country’s family laws in the face of soaring divorce rates, which have increased every year for the past seven.

As severe as China’s new divorce law may seem, it is not all that different from divorce rules in the United States and, more specifically, in a community property state like Texas. If a spouse had bought a house before marriage and kept it in his or her name, then the house’s ownership would not change following a divorce. The situation becomes trickier when a couple purchases real estate while married using joint funds. Avoiding complex real estate divisions is one reason a couple may wish to consider a prenup agreement regardless of the state in which they live.

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