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Daniel Baldwin and Wife Reconcile Despite Death Threats

Not that Hollywood’s Baldwin brothers are any stranger to the bizarre, but Daniel Baldwin’s relationship with his wife Joanne just took an interesting turn. A post from a few weeks ago discussed Daniel’s decision to divorce his wife who, he alleged, had repeatedly threatened him with violence. Now they appear to be reconciling, even though Daniel asked for a restraining order against Joanne.

In Daniel’s divorce petition, he mentioned specific times when Joanne threatened him, saying “My wife has claimed over 10 times in the last months that she will stab me.” Many of the threats, Daniel said, occurred in front of the couple’s two daughters, aged one and three. Joanne has also struggled with alcohol and drug problems – just after Daniel’s divorce filing, police arrested and jailed her for violating her DUI probation terms.

The threats of violence and the destructive environment that the couple’s daughters were growing up in were apparently not enough for Daniel to go ahead with the divorce. Daniel just rescinded both his divorce petition and the restraining order. The couple acknowledges having “a lot of work to do” in their marriage, which might be an understatement. Hopefully the couple’s turbulent relationship will not have any negative impact on their two young daughters.

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  1. Utah Divorce Attorneys on August 22nd, 2011

    Divorce can have a big impact on children’s life. Parents should understand that and work out their separation in a peaceful way.