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Does the Internet Lead to Divorce for Older Americans?

Researchers continue to look at – and speculate about – the effect that technology and the internet has on relationships. Facebook, for example, has become fertile ground for spouses looking for evidence of extramarital affairs or other information that they can use during divorce proceedings. A University of Texas researcher speculates that technology has made it a lot easier to rekindle old flames.

This may have implications for Americans over the age of 50. Their divorce rate has doubled over the past two decades, even while the overall divorce rate in the country has decreased. The Texas researcher suggests that there may in fact be a relation between internet usage and divorce over the age of 50 may. Your thoughts on links between the two are welcome below.

Technology now makes it a lot easier to reconnect with old friends … and old flames. In the past, it was extremely difficult to track down people if you were not sure where they lived or what they were doing. Married people would not ordinarily spend the time and energy to do this, but now just about everyone is only a click away.

We do appear to be “hardwired” that way, anyways. Catching up with an old friend brings back warm and fond memories that affect our neurochemistry. It feels good to see people from your past. Powerful feelings that you had for a person years or decades ago come surging back when you exchange a simple e-mail. Whether this has a direct correlation with divorce rates amongst Americans over 50 is another topic for debate.

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