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Ex-Wife Sets Up Man for DUI, Asks for Child Custody

It sounds more like a plot out of a TV show – a recent divorcee paying another woman to get her ex-husband into trouble in order to sway their divorce proceedings in the divorcee’s favor. But it recently happened to a man, and it has affected his child custody rights. We welcome your thoughts below on whether this type of activity should be fair game in a divorce proceeding.

The ex-husband man met a woman on Match.com and went on a date with her. They seemed perfect for each other, as her interests were exactly the same as his. On their second date, the woman lured him into taking shot after shot of hard liquor. The woman and her friend then told him to follow them in his car. They had not been drinking. As he was following them, police pulled the man over and arrested him for DUI.

The case erupted in scandal. The man’s ex-wife had apparently hired a private investigator who had tipped off his friend, the police officer who arrested the man for DUI. Reportedly, the private investigator has done this to trap ex-spouses in the past, using the same officer.

The man’s ex-wife filed emergency court motions to reduce the amount of time he could spend with their children as a result of the DUI. Her claim is that no one forced him to drive while intoxicated. Does her argument have any merit? Did she entrap the man into doing something he would not ordinarily do, or does the DUI set-up truly reflect on the man’s ability to be a good father? It is an interesting (and rare) case. Leave your thoughts on the ex-wife’s actions below.

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