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Father of British Heiress Insists on Ironclad Prenup

Finally we come across one young celebrity about to get married who had the foresight to consider a prenuptial agreement. English heiress Petra Ecclestone is about to marry James Stunt, a billionaire, globe-traveling playboy, later in August. Petra is the daughter of a former Armani model and billionaire Formula 1 owner, Bernie Ecclestone. She just bought a 56,000 square foot mansion in Los Angeles.

Though she is just 22-years-old, she and James will have a prenup in place before they walk down the aisle together. Sources say that it was her father who insisted that she have an “ironclad prenup” before she got married. Whether her father bullied her into it is another matter, but it is not a bad idea for her to seek protection for her $300 million estimated worth. That is not even factoring in her inheritance from her father. Thus, if Petra did end up later divorcing, she could lose a large portion of her family fortune in an instant.

Other celebrities of late would have done well to follow Petra’s (or perhaps her father’s) lead and get a prenuptial agreement. For couples with large incomes and substantial assets, is it ever worth the risk to get married without one? Arnold and Maria will be splitting his substantial fortune because they did not have a prenup agreement; Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson will be doing the same.

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