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I Survived Maria, Arnold’s T-Shirt Proclaims

It is becoming difficult to predict which way Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver’s divorce will head from week to week. At first, it appeared to be a bitter spilt. Revelations that Arnold had an affair and fathered a child with a housemaid reportedly devastated Maria. She promptly filed for divorce, with Arnold filing papers in response that refused to provide spousal support or payment for her legal fees.

Then, just as the couple’s son suffered a serious injury in a boogie board accident, the couple came together over the tragedy. Arnold revised his initial response, saying he would not contest spousal support for Maria and that he would cover her legal fees.

Arnold now appears to be back on the offensive. Arnold went out biking over the weekend and was apparently wearing a t-shirt that read “I Survived Maria.” He got the t-shirt from her staff at the end of his term as governor as a joke. It originally had the years 2007-2010 on it, but 2007 was now 1977, referring to the year he and Maria first started dating.

Was this an appropriate joke or little too insensitive? Arnold is probably taking the whole situation a bit more light-heartedly given his reputation for joking around. On the other hand, Maria and the couple’s children took Arnold’s infidelity and the couple’s separation a bit more harshly. Maybe it is this sort of behavior from Arnold that prompted Shriver to tell her divorce lawyer to get the divorce over as quickly as possible a few weeks ago.

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