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Judge Unseals Documents in NASCAR Chairman Divorce

A judge in North Carolina took the rare step of unsealing confidential documents from a divorce battle. As we see in most celebrity divorce cases, the public never ends up learning how much each spouse ended up eventually receiving. Divorce settlements usually keep these details private.

This case involves NASCAR Chairman Brian France and his divorce from his wife Megan. The judge handling the couple’s case wrote: “The public has a right to access court files…I feel very strongly that these files should be unsealed.” This might scare other couples into using prenups or reaching a divorce settlement to keep details private.

Our court system is generally open to the public. The judge here felt that this fundamental aspect of our justice system trumped the couple’s right to privacy. Would it affect your divorce proceedings if you knew that everything you submitted or agreed to ended up in the public domain? We welcome your thoughts on how you think this might affect divorce proceedings.

The judge in the France case thought that confidential documents should be unsealed because many details were leaking out anyways. Additionally, she felt that it was becoming increasingly difficult to hold hearings in open court about documents that are confidential. She frequently had to warn attorneys about what they could say in open court. Ultimately, the judge concluded: “This is simply not how our courts are supposed to run.”

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