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LA Dodgers, MLB, Bud Selig All Part of McCourt Divorce

A post several weeks ago discussed the ongoing battle for ownership of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team. Current owner Frank McCourt and his wife Jamie are involved in a divorce, so, for awhile, it was not clear whether Frank would retain ownership or whether they would sell the team and split the proceeds. California and Texas are community property states, so, without a prenuptial agreement, half of the Dodgers’ value would go to Frank and the other half would go to Jamie.

Jamie McCourt is upset and says that Frank’s “jihad” against MLB and Selig is affecting her divorce settlement. She says that Frank has been unable to pay court-ordered spousal support because all of his time and money go towards fighting MLB.

Now the sides are just rushing to see who can sell the Dodgers first. A court will have to decide whether Frank or both Frank and his wife own the Dodgers. But if MLB sells the Dodgers before then, ownership of the Dodgers will not matter, and the money will go to Frank, Jamie and eventually some combination of Frank’s creditors.

The McCourt’s divorce demonstrates the complexity of divorce cases involving spouses with a great deal of assets and debt. A number of sides – not just the spouses – have an interest in their divorce proceeding. One way the two could have made things easier for everyone would have been with a prenuptial agreement.

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