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Largest Divorce Settlement Ever in England

The one country other than our own known for exorbitant divorce settlements is England, and England’s bar just moved a lot higher. A divorce between Boris Berezovsky, a Russian businessman, and his wife Galina Besharova just set the record for the biggest divorce settlement ever in British legal history. Settlements like this should be a good warning to couples with substantial assets who are thinking about marriage without a prenup agreement.

Boris and Galina met in 1981 and married in 1991. They have two children together. Though they began divorce proceedings during the summer of 2010, sources close to the couple said they only lived together two years during the nineteen they were husband and wife.

Last week, Boris and Galina came together for the last time in court for a grand total of 10 minutes to finalize their divorce settlement. After 10 minutes, Galina walked away with 200 million pounds, roughly $326 million dollars. The previous largest divorce settlement in England was a fraction of that, $78 million.

These types of divorce settlements underline the contractual nature of matrimony. A husband and wife enter into a marriage contract in which their finances become one as well. With about half of all marriages ending in divorce, couples with a lot money or assets at stake would be wise to consider what entering into and exiting out of marriage will do for their own livelihoods.

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