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Man Claims High IQ Entitles Him to More Divorce Money

One argument you rarely hear in divorce proceedings is a spouse saying he should keep most of the money because he is unusually intelligent. But a wealthy New York businessman is trying to argue this in order to keep the bulk of his $450 million. He is claiming that he should get most of the money, rather than splitting it evenly with his wife.

The businessman is Henry Silverman who has worked in several large investment companies. His wife Nancy did not work outside of their home at all during the 30 years that the two were married. The argument Henry is making to the New York judge is that his wealth is due to his unusually high intelligence, and, thus, his wife had no part in the couple’s fortune they shared.

To support his argument, Henry submitted sworn statements from three psychologists. Henry hoped that this expert evidence would persuade a judge to rule in his favor. The judge ruled against him, however, recognizing contributions that Nancy made. The judge cited her raising the couple’s daughter and managing the couple’s social life as noteworthy contributions.

Do you think Henry’s request was a little bit much? Isn’t there more to a marriage between a couple than a strict calculation of who was precisely responsible for each asset? If Henry were that concerned about splitting his assets, he should have considered a prenuptial agreement before he got married. Henry also reportedly left his wife for a yoga instructor he met at Starbucks. He handed her a business card and reportedly told her, “google me.”

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