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Man’s Blog Used to Question His Child Custody Rights

Another interesting instance of the intersection of social media and divorce comes to us from Pennsylvania. Anthony Morelli created a blog in 2007 entitled “The Psycho Ex Wife.” Its tagline describes his ex-wife in less than flattering terms. It describes her as the “… terroristic ex-wife who we suspect suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder.”

Morelli created the site with his new girlfriend as a way to vent about the bitter divorce and child custody dispute that he and his ex-wife were undergoing. It quickly attracted an audience of up to 200,000 a month. The blog became an entire online divorce and child custody community, where others met and posted discussions about how they were handling divorce and child custody.

Morelli’s ex-wife found out about the site, and now the judge in his divorce case is ordering him to shut down the site. She even questioned whether she should grant custody rights to a man “who is publicly browbeating their mother.”

This raises the issue of what role the comments that Morelli had on his blog should play in his and his ex-wife’s divorce proceedings. No one is claiming that Morelli is guilty of a crime, so is it fair that the judge in his case should punish him for his comments? Is this an unlawful punishment of free speech? Or should judges in child custody and divorce proceedings consider everything when rendering a decision?

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