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New York Becomes a No-Fault Divorce State

New York has been an interesting study in marriage and divorce in recent times. It recently passed legislation permitting same-sex marriages, becoming by far the largest state in the country to permit them. Last October, New York altered its divorce policy, and the numbers are just now coming in as to how it has affected the state’s divorce rates.

Prior to October 2010, husbands and wives had to prove reasons why they wanted a divorce. The process embarrassed many couples, as they had to publicly testify to provide details or, alternatively, completely make things up in order to get a divorce. Some of the more popular reasons that couples came up with included adultery, cruelty or the refusal of marital relations for more than a year.

What would you predict would happen to divorce rates as New York transitioned into a no-fault divorce state? Under a no-fault system like in Texas, spouses do not have to prove anything to dissolve their marriage. Evidently, New Yorkers welcomed the change. Divorce filings jumped up 12 percent since the changeover.

Divorce is cheaper in the Empire state now. Divorce attorneys have less work to do on each case, although the increase in divorces has reportedly kept them just as busy. One attorney provides another reason for the spike in divorce rates, though – the economy. As the economy improves, spouses will be less fearful of having to make a living independently, she claims. We welcome your thoughts on whether states should require that couples prove divorce reasons. Also, we would love to your thoughts as to why New Yorkers have been divorcing so much lately.

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