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Of All the Beverly Hills Housewives, Only One Has a Prenup

Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” has been its second most popular version of the series (behind the Atlanta housewives). The Beverly Hills version debuted in October of 2010 and lasted until January of this year. Its finale netted over four million viewers. Only one of the six women from season one had a prenuptial agreement.

The sole woman with a prenup was Adrienne Maloof. Maloof’s father was a billionaire businessman who also owned a Coors beer distributor. Maloof grew up around her family’s business and eventually came to head up most of its marking operations. She is reportedly worth $300 million herself. She is married to a cosmetic surgeon. Given the family fortunate that Maloof brought into her marriage, it made sense for her to have a prenup in place. The other Beverly Hills housewives did not think that far ahead.

With no prenup, Kelsey and Camille Grammar have been going through a bitter divorce, which was the subject of a post several weeks ago. They have fought over houses and spying allegations. Another couple from the show, Taylor and Russell Armstrong, is now divorcing as well. They do not have a prenup, and the two frequently fought on the TV show. Taylor is seeking spousal and child support, as well as primary physical custody of their five-year-old daughter.

Would a prenup have been a good idea in this case for these spouses? Even if none of them had quite the fortune of Maloof, a prenuptial agreement lets couples have more say in how they want to split their assets. Without one, in a community property state like Texas or California, a court will just split the marriage assets right down the middle in most cases. Is this fair to one spouse who had a great deal of wealth before the marriage even started?

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