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With Prenup in Place, Mellencamp Divorce Goes Smoothly

Here is a rare divorce story in the celebrity world – a couple divorcing and settling their affairs without making any headlines. Rocker John Mellencamp and model wife Elaine Irwin divorced recently after spending 18 years married to each other. The two had filed divorce papers earlier this year in January.

One of the reasons that led to their amicable divorce probably stemmed from the prenuptial agreement that the couple had signed back in September of 1992, two days before they walked down the aisle. The prenup agreement specified exactly how Mellencamp and Irwin would divide each of their property and assets. Not having to worry about dividing assets makes things go a lot smoother in divorce proceedings.

Perhaps Mellencamp’s prior experiences with marriage and divorce also made this time go a little smoother for him. His marriage to Irwin was his third; it was the first for Irwin. They will share custody of their 16-year-old and 17-year old sons, with Irwin having primary physical custody. As with many divorce settlements, the precise details are confidential.

Mellencamp and Irwin divorced in Indiana and will be living there afterwards. Like Texas, Indiana is a no fault divorce state, meaning that they did not have to prove fault like infidelity, for example, in order for a court to grant the divorce. Mellencamp simply said that the marriage was “irretrievably broken.”

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