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“The L Word” Star Set to Divorce, Asks Judge to Deny Alimony

One of the stars of the TV show “The L Word” is set to divorce her real life husband. Laurel Holloman played Tina Kennard on the critically claimed series that ran from 2004 to 2009. “The L Word” followed a group of people dealing with same-sex and other relationship issues in the Los Angeles area.

Holloman had been married to her husband for nine years. The couple has two daughters together. In her divorce papers, Holloman asked to share joint physical and legal custody of the girls with her soon-to-be ex-husband. Physical custody refers to whom the girls will actually live with, so joint physical custody means the girls will be spending a lot of time with each of their parents. Legal custody refers to which spouse makes decisions about raising the children. Because the two will be sharing legal custody as well, they will both have input into important decisions. If one makes a decision without consulting the other, the other spouse can go back to court to enforce the divorce settlement.

Holloman also asked that the judge not grant alimony to her husband. Presumably, this means that Holloman’s husband did not rely on her income. The judge would be more likely to deny her request if her husband did depend on her support, because a divorce would put him in a difficult situation. If Holloman’s husband does not contest the spousal support request, the two will be able focus on other aspects of the divorce, such as how to divide their property and how to raise their children.

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