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Chicago Husband Faces Tough Divorce Ruling Due to His Frauds

It looks like a Chicago man went through extraordinary efforts and lies to his girlfriend who then became his wife to continue to receive financial support from her. Now, as the couple is heading to divorce, the judge in the man’s case is not looking favorably on his actions.

The Chicago man is Donald Lukens. Lukens met Purevsuren Sarangerel, a Mongolian doctor, in the fall of 2008. After they had been dating for about 16 months, Lukens ended up in jail. Police arrested him for allegedly embezzling nearly a quarter of a million from another woman. Sarangerel loaned Lukens the $20,000 he needed to post bond, but her financial support did not stop there.

The two married in August of last year. Sarangerel said that they lived together in Chicago along with her daughter in an apartment. While he paid the $2,000 monthly rent, she alleges that she paid for every other living expense. She continued to request the bond money back, but Lukens never returned it. The couple signed a promissory note, saying that Lukens would pay her the money back by March of this year, but she never received the money.

After hearing her story, the judge in the divorce case refused to grant Lukens bail and put him under 24-hour house arrest. Also appearing in the courtroom was the first woman from whom Lukens allegedly stole. She is doing everything she can to help Sarangerel get her money back from Lukens.

The moral of this case is that a spouse’s behavior can have an important impact on divorce proceedings. The accumulated evidence against Lukens apparently swayed the judge enough for him to make several harsher rulings against him. Divorce settlements are often close calls, and when one side has acted as egregiously as Lukens has apparently done in this case, it is a safe bet that the judge will not err on that party’s side when ruling.

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  1. Linda Clayton on November 1st, 2011

    I have to sadly admit that Don Lukens is my brother. He is dead to me now. He has stolen money from athletes, friends and his family.

    He took a loan on our dad’s house fir 95,000.00. He forged the documents. My dad gave me our family home in his will. When I went to sale it I was forced to pay off the lean. I then learned that Don used my dad’s visa and spent 40,000.00. He used it to gamble. When his business started to fail he forged my dads name to buy over 100,000.00 in stocks which failed. I didn’t know exactly was happening with Don’s business and I lent him money for attorney fees and I also paid his 8,000.00 mortgage for 3 months. His wife’s grandmother took out a second on her house through Don for 90,000.00. Don game me the paperwork so I would know he was going to pay me back. He promised me his vintage convertible. As the bankruptcy started he was arrested and extradited to Las Vegas for fraud. His bail was 14,000.00 dollars. My ex-husband who I am still good friends with bailed Don out by using his home equity line of credit. Don promised he would pay him back within 10 days because Don said he had expensive furniture and pool table that he would sale to give Back to my brother. Guess what? The second on his wife’s grandmother house had already been given to someone else, he had much earlier sold his vintage car and he sold the furniture and used it for himself and never paid back to my ex-husband. Don had given me four Neiman
    Signed serigraphs as good faith. Fast forward 6 years. It appears he had changed his ways. He was into God and really seemed to have it together again. On a trip to California he asked me if I would let him display the sports serigraphs in his house since they were two big fir my house.
    I also had 50,000.00 in my stock account. I was so stupid and he did all the stock trading (he was banned in 2001). We agreed we would each take 2,800.00 a month out of the account. He did turn the 50 to 100thousand dollars. I found out he was taking 10,000.00 out at a time which he paid lawyers from a lawsuit he had filed He spent a lot of money and then his investments turned sour. I lost everything and he never said he was sorry. I then found out he took the paintings to sale not display. He got arrested in Chicago and the paintings were in California with a friend of his. When he called me from jail to bail him out I told him he’ll know and I wanted my paintings. He called the man who actually had them and told him not to give them too me. I then saw that they were listed for sale on several different websites. I finally
    Got 2 back. One was ruined because he let it set around with no glass and the other one isn’t worth much. Don had his friend sale the two expensive ones. One sold. When Don got out of jail he had the painting listed on a few web sites. I made up an e-mail address and contacted his site about buying it. He wrote back telling me ( he didn’t know it was me) That he would have to discuss the price with his family because it belonged tothe family( yeah me) we went back and forth on price, he was so full of crap I couldn’t believe he was so bold and didn’t give a shit. I finally admitted to him that it was me and that this was his time to show he cared about me. I said he could do the right thing and give the painting back to me or he could be his typical ruthless jerk who only cared about himself and actually believed his own lies. Well, as you would think, he didn’t send it to me and continued his quest to sale it..

    OK Does this explain what a pathological liar and a thief he is? He s guilty as hell but seems to avoid prosecution. HE IS NO LONGER MY BROTHER AND WILL NEVER SEE ME OR MY CHILDREN. Good riddance to bad rubbish to a sick and twisted human being. If you can even call him a human

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