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Does Divorce Lead to Stronger Children?

We have looked at several studies examining possible links amongst divorce, children and the family. Such studies typically focus on the negative, highlighting the damage that divorce causes children, but new research suggests that divorce may actually help children grow.

Divorce used to be much rarer, so the assumption was that a divorce would have a traumatic effect on children. Kids would have to grow up in so-called “broken homes,” shuffling between two parents and two different lives, past research suggested. While divorce remains a major life event, it is much more common today than in decades past. The “broken home” stereotype no longer applies.

A new study found that, three years post-divorce, most children of divorced parents were quite similar on personality and academic tests to children of non-divorced parents. In fact, the study found that divorce can help children grow into better adults. The three year period after the divorce seems to be the most important period for making this adjustment. With guidance, children of divorced parents can develop a resiliency and confidence that their peers may not yet be able to develop.

An author and psychologist who examined the new research suggests several traits that parents can help develop in children to help them cope with divorce and other stressful situations. These traits include: realizing that crises are normal and that you can expect them, using crises as opportunities and knowing that, despite what happens, you can emerge a better person. Any experiences you had watching your children grow and adapt to changes following divorce are welcome in the comments below.

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