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For Celebrities and All Others, Prenups are a Wise Choice

Although we usually hear about prenups in regards to celebrity marriages, many other Americans take advantage of the benefits of a prenuptial agreement. Below are several of the ways that couples use prenuptial agreements to handle their finances and assets:

  • To list assets that a spouse had prior to marriage to protect those assets from having a judge split them up
  • To specify how the couple intends to treat more complex finances like income from a business or assets acquired via inheritance
  • To detail how the couple wants to handle alimony in the event of a divorce
  • To protect children’s inheritance; this is particularly important for those with multiple marriages or divorces

Prenups let couples decide how to arrange their affairs without the difficulties that sometimes arise in divorce settlements. In the event that a couple goes their separate ways, they can avoid surprises and drawn out courtroom battles by employing a prenuptial agreement well-crafted to their wishes. It is a shame, though, that many couples do not start considering them until they have already lost a great deal from a first divorce.

There are also other legal agreements that couples can use to arrange for their finances in the event of a divorce. For couples who missed their chance to sign a prenuptial agreement, they can often achieve many of the same protections with a postnuptial agreement. Additionally, unmarried couples and same sex couples may wish to consider a co-habitation agreement, which can help these couples transition in the event that their relationship ends.

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