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J. Lo and Marc Anthony Divorce “Not a Funeral”

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony appear to be taking their impending divorce in stride with no evidence of bitterness from either pop star. During an interview for ABC’s “Nightline,” Anthony said, “This is not a funeral…This is just two people who came together and just realized … it wasn’t sustainable the way it was.”

The two are also continuing to go ahead with other efforts that they started before splitting apart. Both will be appearing in Kohl’s advertisements on TV. Lopez is designing a line of women’s clothing and home furnishings that Kohl’s will feature. She appears in two humorous ads for the clothing retailer, including one where a security guard refuses to let her enter the Kohl’s building until she shows some form of ID. Anthony is designing a line of men’s clothing for Kohl’s and appears in a commercial where he tries to figure out the coffee maker in the break room at the company’s headquarters.

We are still not yet sure if the two had a prenuptial agreement in place. If they did, that might be one explanation for how they are proceeding to divorce so smoothly. The couple together is worth nearly $400 million, according to at least one source, but Lopez is worth significantly more than Anthony. Without a prenup, Anthony is set to receive a significant amount of money, so we will have to wait and see if Lopez exhibits the same sort of acceptance as Anthony.

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