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Judge Penalizes Husband in Divorce for Lack of Intimacy

We periodically look at other states and countries for interesting takes on marriage and divorce, and this week, we have an interesting story coming from the south of France. A man and woman divorced after 21 years of marriage. As part of the settlement, the judge for the case ruled that the man had to pay his ex-wife $14,000. The reason for the $14,000 is what is making headlines.

The judge ruled that the man pay his ex-wife that amount because of a lack of conjugal relations, to put it in polite terms. The man responded in court filings that he had health problems and suffered from lethargy, but the judge did not buy those arguments. The judge ruled that intimacy goes along with the union between a man and a woman, so the man should have to pay up in this case for its absence in his marriage to his ex-wife.

An appeals court at the first level has already held for the wife, but you have to wonder whether this case will ultimately go in her favor. If you have any thoughts on the matter, we welcome them below. Here in the States, we usually attribute general relationship problems to an all-encompassing term like “irreconcilable differences.” In states like Texas where no-fault divorces are available, you do not even have to find a reason for the divorce other than general incompatibility. For a judge to find fault and assess damages for what is a personal matter that is difficult to verify, that sort of precedent could pose a lot of problems down the line.

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