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McCourt Divorce Settlement Costing Frank $225,000 a Month

The ongoing divorce battle between LA Dodgers Owner Frank McCourt and his ex-wife Jamie continues to heat up. The couple’s divorce became final last October 2010, but they have been fighting for nearly a year now over how to split their assets and how to handle alimony. The judge in their case even called in two retired judges to help him prepare for the nonjury trial that is coming up in 2012 to settle matters.

The couple did reach one agreement recently –Frank will continue paying Jamie the spousal support that he has been, namely $225,000 a month. That probably sounds like quite a bit of money, but remember that spousal support helps spouses maintain the lifestyle that they enjoyed while they were married. If the couple did not employ any sort of pre- or post-nuptial agreement to handle their financial affairs in the event of a divorce, they should not be surprised with this sort of judgment

In fact, Frank probably stands to lose a lot more come trial time. The couple has been married for 30 years and did not have a prenuptial agreement. Jamie has been arguing that she is entitled to half of the LA Dodgers, asserting that is community property. Like Texas, California – where the McCourts’ divorce battle is taking place – is a community property state, so if the couple acquired the asset during marriage, the court will presume that it belongs to the couple, and not Frank individually.

In the meantime, Frank will continue paying Jamie nearly a quarter of a million dollars each month in alimony until their divorce trial can solve the matters once and for all. The ownership of the Dodgers will remain in jeopardy until the spring or summer of 2012, when the attorneys for both sides expect the trial to take place.

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