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Mel Gibson and Ex-Girlfriend Do the Impossible and Settle

You may recall the summer of 2010 as not being the best for Mel Gibson. The actor and producer faced allegations of sexism, racism and domestic violence stemming from heated disputes with his then girlfriend 40-year-old Russian pianist Oksana Grigorieva.

Gibson and Grigorieva are back in the family law news again, as the two have apparently reached a settlement in the very bitter dispute concerning how to split Gibson’s finances and how to handle child custody of their almost 2-year-old daughter. The family law court in Los Angeles and Gibson’s spokesman both confirmed that Gibson and Grigorieva reached an agreement and would be back in court in a few days to finalize the terms of the settlement.

The couple has had a tumultuous relationship. They were reportedly dating while Gibson remained married to Robyn Gibson who divorced Mel in 2009 after over 25 years of marriage. After an argument with Grigorieva in 2010, Gibson admitted to slapping her and pled no contest to domestic violence. Gibson claimed that Grigorieva was trying to extort money from him by recording conversations, many of which came out in the summer of 2010.

Details about the couple’s settlement would be interesting to learn, but we will probably never find out what it was because the final court hearing will take place behind closed doors. Gibson and Grigorieva fought for nearly every inch, including what school their daughter Lucia would attend. For them to reach a common ground and come to a settlement, there must have been some extraordinary concessions from one side. It would also be interesting to learn if Gibson budged from his initial $20 million settlement offer.

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