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Texas, Other Southern States Lead Nation in Divorce Rates

The US Census Bureau released data in late August that took a detailed looked at marriage and divorce trends going on in the country. Some of our posts have discussed several of the trends evident in the new data – couples are waiting longer to marry, many couples are not opting to marry at all and poor economic times may make couples put off getting married.

Experts drew other interesting conclusions from the data pertaining to marriage and divorce according to location in the country. Texas and its fellow southern States lead the country in both marriages and divorces. East Coast states like New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts had the lowest divorce rates.

Professors and sociologists offered multiple explanations for the discrepancies between the south and east. They found the data surprising and contrary to expectations given the socially conservative stereotypes that dominate the south versus the east coast liberal stereotypes. A University of Texas professor cited the pro-marriage culture in the south that leads couples to marry. The same culture, according to him, promotes the continued quest for love, even if things do not work out the first time.

On the other hand, the marriage culture in East Coast states may work to skew divorce statistics, according to some. East Coasters are much more likely to delay marriage, if they get married at all. If a couple ends up splitting, there is no divorce statistic that reflects this fact. The couple simply breaks up. East Coasters are also much less likely to remarry following a divorce.

Your thoughts on the cultural factors that lead to different marriage and divorce statistics for different areas of the country are welcome below. Do you think it’s true that Texans are less likely to give up on finding love than East Coasters?

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