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Bizarre, Complicated Divorce Set Up Leads to Lawsuit

It sounds like a plot out of a movie – a wife conspiring against her locally known husband to set him up and receive most of his business in a divorce settlement by employing a “Hollywood Madam” to entrap him. The events actually took place over the past six years in St. Louis, Missouri.

The husband at the center of the story is Ray Vinson. He has become a bit of a local celebrity in St. Louis for his radio and TV advertisements for his mortgage business, which is worth millions of dollars.

Vinson and his wife Deanna Daughetee separated. Her bodyguard worked with private investigators who in turn hired Heidi Fleiss. You may recall Fleiss as the woman who came to fame in the 1990s as the “Hollywood Madam” who ran a prostitution ring whose clients supposedly included multiple Hollywood celebrities. Fleiss’s role in the operation was to convince a former Las Vegas dancer to say that the dancer had an affair with Vinson. The two had met in 2001, though the dancer had no recollection of him. Millions of dollars were at stake for Vinson’s wife in the divorce settlement.

The ploy worked, at least initially. The couple’s family law judge awarded Daughetee most of Vinson’s mortgage company in 2006. Also in 2006, Daughetee married her former bodyguard, the man who was working to pin extra marital affairs on Vinson.

Vinson came to learn about the plot to frame him and eventually sued his ex-wife, her bodyguard and the Las Vegas dancer who lied. The case was in the court system for years before a jury handed down a verdict in Vinson’s favor just a few months ago. The dancer claimed that the bodyguard coerced her into lying. The jury awarded Vinson $500,000, and a judge may order triple that amount as punishment.

More details about the couple’s relationship and tough divorce proceedings are available online. Also, more information about the plot discussed above is available. Should Daughetee have to forfeit everything she got in the divorce settlement? Our Houston divorce lawyers are interested to hear what you think about this bizarre case.

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