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Couples Still Not Talking Finances in a Marriage

Even though divorce is far from a rare occurrence these days, experts keep arriving at the same observation – couples are rarely prepared for the financial effects of divorce. These effects are often just as powerful as the emotional effects that come with divorce, so couples really do themselves a disservice when they enter into marriage without discussing finances.

Of course, some may think of cohabitation and prenuptial agreements as not “romantic” and as something they should ignore, but the consequences of such a move can be devastating. For example, the demographic that has it worst off financially after divorce is women between the ages of 67 and 80. When they divorce, they experience an average drop in income of almost 40 percent. These women may have been married a long time, so the adjustment from a life of financial security to suddenly living on 40 percent less money can be a rough one.

Not having a candid talk about finances is probably the biggest reasons a spouse may face financial difficulties in the aftermath of a divorce. Many couples are complete opposites when it comes to financial decisions. One may be a spender, the other a saver. One may manage investments well, while the other may be prone to riskier bets. Has your divorce forced you to face financial issues that you never expected?

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