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Halle Berry In Bitter Custody Dispute Over Daughter Nahla

Actress Halle Berry and her former boyfriend, model Gabriel Aubry, are in the middle of a bitter dispute between the couple’s two-year-old daughter, Nahla. The two were together for five years before splitting up in 2010. At the time, the tabloids wrote that the split was on friendly terms. The two split their assets 50/50, and Aubry simply sought a fair child custody ruling to spend time with his daughter.

The reports now are that Berry is doing everything in her power to obtain full custody of her daughter. An article mentioned that Berry claims that little Nahla screams and goes into fits whenever Aubry picks her up. Aubry’s people, on the other hand, say that is not the case and that little Aubry runs to her dad every time he shows up.

Berry has a team of lawyers that have taken Aubry to court multiples now. On one occasion, she complained that Aubry fed Nahla pizza. A source reported that Berry interrogates Nahla whenever she returns from visits with Aubry, asking the little girl what she ate and what time she went to bed. Berry micromanages Aubry’s relationship with his daughter, the same source said.

Of course a couple need not be in the public eye to be involved in this sort of child custody dispute. This is a common occurrence after a couple splits, and it may unfortunately end up hurting the child or children in the middle of the custody battle. Couples can take steps to avoid these problems by handling child custody in prenuptial agreements and by sitting down with their lawyers and each other to spell out reasonable terms for their children’s best interests.

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