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New Book Provides Words of Wisdom from the Divorced

A new book bypasses the divorce experts, researchers and talking heads and goes straight to those most familiar with the process – actual people who have gone through tough divorces and came out better people. The book’s title is “You Can keep the Damn China! And 824 Other Great Tips on Dealing with Divorce.”

Let’s take a look at some of the comments from people in the book and see whether you think anyone of them rang true for you. One husband married for seven years described divorce like “death,” noting that the process is similar in that you first have to go through a mourning process.

Another woman who was married for 17 years and recently divorced talked about the support structure that we have talked about in past posts. She turned to her family, in particular her mother. She said she felt overwhelmed and as if she were unable to survive when first confronted with the divorce. She relied on her mother and would spent late nights drinking tea with her talking things through.

Of course, as you might expect, not all of the stories are heartwarming tales of overcoming grief. One Virginia woman who had been married for 13 years talked about how she was happy to find out that her husband was staying in a “seedy motel” after she threw him out. She added, “Then, I later found out he got lice from the pillow in the seedy motel: That made me even happier.”

Most of the divorcees provide positive advice on how they first dealt with the divorce and eventually moved on. What suggestions do you have for people currently undergoing a divorce as to how to cope with divorce’s effects?

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