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NYC Divorce Battle Extends to Goldendoodle Lucy

Divorce can lead to bitter fights over child custody and property like houses and retirement accounts. A New York couple has taken it a step further, with things heating up over the couple’s dog Lucy.

Susan McCarthy and James O’Hanlon own a Greenwich Village restaurant named Agave. They have an 18-year-old daughter Slaney and, at least at some point, a 2-year-old Goldendoodle named Lucy. The couple is now battling over who gets to keep Lucy.

The couple moved two years ago, and James’s sister Margaret has been taking care of Lucy. She licensed the dog in her name and, in her words, became “surgically attached” to Lucy. Slaney, the couple’s daughter, however, claims that Margaret was just taking care of the dog while Slaney was away at boarding school. Margaret alleges that the dispute over the dog led to one incident where Slaney and her mother Susan tried to dognap Lucy from Margaret’s apartment.

As with children, a court will eventually decide what is in the best interests of the dog, but what do you think about this case? Is it worth prolonging a divorce case and further worsening relations between the two sides? Couples always have to make tough decisions in a divorce, but it is usually preferable that they come together to reach an agreement than that they have strangers decree something.

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