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Salahi Prenup Leaves Michaele Nothing After She Walked Out

Having made appearances on The Real Housewives of DC and at several White House parties (albeit, uninvited), couple Tareq and Michaele Salahi are divorcing. They had a prenuptial agreement in place, but as a result of what it contains, Michaele is not going to come out of the divorce in any better of a situation.

Michaele left Tareq for Journey guitarist Neal Schon. The prenup contains a clause that says if she cheats, she loses her rights to any money or property that the couple acquired during the time they were married… but it gets worse for Michaele. There is another clause that says she loses her right to alimony if she moves out. Michaele did that and in fact posted pictures of herself out on tour with Journey.

Michaele does get something – half of the couple’s debt. The prenuptial agreement makes her responsible for half of the couple’s debt, which would typically be the case in a community property state like California or Texas if a couple did not have a prenup. Tareq estimates that she is responsible for roughly $3.3 million in debt.

What do you think about the terms of the Salahis’ prenup? Too harsh for Michaele, or fair because she knew what she signed? Our Houston prenuptial agreement attorneys welcome your thoughts on the matter after the post.

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