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Val Kilmer Pays a Whopping $27,500 a Month in Child Support

Having fallen behind on his child support payments, “Iceman” Val Kilmer had to resort to selling some of his real estate substantially below what he was originally asking. Of course, it is still not the best market in which to have to sell property. He originally listed most of his New Mexico ranch for $33 million in 2009; then $23 million last October, and finally $18.5 million, the price for which it sold at last.

Kilmer married Joanne Whalley in 1988. They had two children together before separating in 1996. Kilmer pays Whalley $27,500 a month in child support, a significant sum that likely explains why he had to resort to selling part of his cherished New Mexico ranch.

To many of us, $27,500 in child support seems exorbitantly high, but you have to remember that child support helps children maintain the standard of living that they had before. It would be unfair for Kilmer’s children to go from living the lifestyle of Hollywood children to having it all taken away just because child custody went to Kilmer’s ex-wife, who was not taking in the sort of money that Kilmer was. The child support award helps ensure that the children’s current situation remains as similar as possible to how they were living before, at least as far as finances are concerned.

How important has a child support determination been for you in helping your children handle the effects of your divorce?

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