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Women Face Hair Loss and Financial Troubles Following Divorce

Recent studies have shown that divorce may affect women the most – both economically and physically. One study took a look at more than 2,000 women over the course of 40 years. The researchers behind the study worked with the Social Security Administration to see how divorce affected women from the time of their divorce up until their retirement decades later. Divorce and remarriage, it turned out, led to lower incomes.

Divorces initially forced women into the work force, so they saw their incomes rise. But 70 percent of women in the United States remarry after divorcing a first time. The study uncovered the fact that these women who remarry then experience a drop in job status and income again. In fact, their job status and income level gets to about what it would have been had they stayed married all along. The conclusion the study’s researchers drew was that marriage helps women stay financially secure.

In addition to the financial troubles that divorce causes women, another study found that it also results in severe hair loss. Women who divorced were significantly more likely to have thinning hair than women who were single or happily married. Age and genetics are the usual causes for hair loss, the researchers noted, but large amounts of stress can also trigger hair loss.

Has your experience or that of your friends matched up with the finding of these studies? Do women feel the negative effects of divorce much more than men?

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