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Ashton and Demi Divorce Rumors Become True

It may not have come as much of a surprise to those following the Ashton and Demi news, but the couple announced the week before Thanksgiving that they would officially be divorcing. The divorce comes on the heels of speculation that the two would be splitting due to Ashton’s alleged infidelity.

The two were big proponents of Twitter, leading some to wonder whether their willingness to share details about their private lives was a factor in the divorce. Each started their own accounts in January of 2009 and have had a combined following of 10.6 million. They have shared intimate photos of each other online, and, when rumors of a divorce first started appearing, Ashton tweeted to his followers not to believe the hype. As the divorce came nearer to reality, Ashton and Demi posted cryptic messages that made it look more and more that it would actually happen.

We have posted in the past about the impact of social media and other technology on divorce. Some experts claim that the internet makes it easier for a spouse to have an affair. While some may dispute that argument, social media has definitely had an impact on divorce settlements. Courts and spouses have routinely gone digging through internet sites and posts to find evidence to use in court.

Has social media had any impact on your relationship?

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