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Former Charmed Star Holly Combs Divorcing Without Prenup

Couples might think more seriously about using a prenuptial agreement if they consider the damage that can happen if they divorce without one. When everything is going well, a prenup may be the last thing on a couple’s mind, but, as we know with life, it is never possible to predict what is going to happen. Child custody, splitting possessions and spousal support are several of the areas over which a couple may find themselves bitterly feuding when a judge has to decide how to rearrange a couple’s life, especially for couples with substantial assets.

Former Charmed series star and current cast member of Pretty Little Liars Holly Marie Combs is set to divorce her husband David Donoho, but the two did not have a prenup, according to TMZ. The two have been married for seven years and have three young boys together. The couple met on the set of Charmed, on which she was a cast member and he was a crew member.

While we suspect David earned a good living as one of the more vital people on the set, Holly probably earned millions as Piper during the show’s eight seasons. As a result, she stands to lose a great deal in the couple’s divorcing proceedings since they did not have a prenup. In fact, she may end up having to pay spousal support to David to maintain their previous lifestyle. Additionally, she will probably be splitting custody of their three sons with him, so that may increase the child support bill for her as well.

Did a prenup save you and your ex-spouse a lot of headaches at divorce time? What are your recommendations for couples heading into marriage?

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