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Hand Over Facebook and Dating Site Passwords, Court Rules

If feuding spouses were not already on the alert as to what information is out there about them on the web, a recent case out of Connecticut should really make people think twice about their online activity. The judge in a divorce case ruled that the husband and wife must give each other their social network passwords. In this case, the passwords were to gain access to their Facebook and dating site profiles to look for information relevant to the case.

The judge’s order came about when the husband saw incriminating evidence on the couple’s joint computer at home. It made him suspect that there would be more information on her online accounts. His attorney used information in her accounts about her thoughts towards her children and taking care of them to argue for full custody for the husband.

The husband initially just asked for the information to the online accounts, but she refused to cooperate. She texted a friend, asking her to change her online passwords and delete potentially incriminating messages. The husband and his lawyer went to the judge who then ordered that she not delete any material and that the two sides exchange passwords.

You really need to think twice about what you put on the internet. No site or service can guarantee privacy. Regularly now we see reports of hackers obtaining confidential information or companies accidentally leaking private details. You could end up hurting a future legal case because the other side gets an order to access your most private messages. Have you taken any steps to limit information about you on the internet?

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