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Kardashian and Humphries Wedding Just a Publicity Stunt?

It took all of 72 days, but it looks like Kim Kardashian and brief husband Kris Humphries are already going to be parting ways. We posted a few weeks ago about Kardashian’s comments towards prenups, which suggested that she had one. Now TMZ is reporting that the couple did in fact use a prenup. It was a good move for her, as she stands to lose a lot more money than Humphries in the divorce. According the same TMZ report from last week, the prenup keeps the couple’s assets entirely separate from each other. Both will be exiting the marriage with exactly what they had when they went in (Kim will keep her ring, though).

The divorce comes after weeks of speculation that the two were going to divorce after about two months of marriage. Tabloids following the two reported that they were increasingly going out solo. Kim recently dressed up as the Batman villain Poison Ivy for a New York City club appearance; Kris was nowhere to be seen, and she told reporters he was not even in the city. Kim then said she was going to Australia without Chris in order to promote her line of clothing at Sears. This all occurred before the divorce news was even official.

What are your thoughts on their “fairy tale” wedding followed by divorce in 72 days? They spent (and earned) a lot of money on the wedding. It cost $10 million. They earned $18 million from it for photo and video rights. Kim received multiple Vera Wang dresses, and the couple had about a half million dollars in champagne from Perrier Jouet. Some have speculated that the whole wedding was a publicity stunt to generate more money and interest in the Kardashians.

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