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Kardashian, Humphries Prenup May Have Issues

As we might have expected, Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian’s divorce has been all over the celebrity news the past couple of weeks. Depending on whom you ask, this might be exactly what she wanted, as some suspect the whole marriage was a sham to bring more money and attention to her cause. Tabloids think Kim could receive up to a half million dollars more for doing an exclusive, tell-all story about her divorce in a celebrity magazine.

More and more details are starting to come out about the wedding and the couple’s prenup. Much of it is speculation at this point, but here are some of the facts/gossip that could influence the couple’s divorce:

  • Their prenup may prohibit each of them from speaking negatively about the other to the press
  • Kris got 10 percent of the wedding ceremony proceeds, with Kim getting the remainder
  • A TMZ report claims that the two fought a great deal over their prenup and how it split the wedding proceeds largely in Kim’s favor
  • While In Touch Weekly claimed that her prenup was “ironclad,” the magazine also said it may be worthless if Kim had an affair with ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush, which some suspect her of; prenups often contain clauses that change the terms of the prenup if one spouse has an affair

These issues concerning Kris and Kim’s prenup show the wide range of matters that prenups can cover. Couples can craft them precisely to their needs, and celebrity couples often do include clauses that prevent each spouse from bad-mouthing the other to the press (this may not be a bad idea for non-celebrity couples either). Do you have substantial assets? If so, a prenup might be a necessity – contact a prenuptial agreement lawyer before you get married.

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