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Marriage and Divorce with Special Needs Children

In addition to the day-to-day challenges of raising special needs children, couples raising special needs children often have marital troubles. In fact, some experts believe that the divorce rates are nearly 90 percent for such couples. Nearly all couples with special needs children then may end up divorcing.

Family experts and psychologists believe that at least one reason for the high divorce rates amongst couples with special needs children is that the couple is so focused on caring for their child or children that they neglect their marriage. These couples, they say, need to devote a set amount of time each day to each other and their marriage. It might be difficult to find them time, but it is necessary. A marriage extends beyond just raising children, so, despite the challenges and time pressures, couples need to find the time.

For couples with special needs children who do decide to divorce, they face an additional challenge in that child support calculations are often tricky for special needs children. Special needs children require considerably more resources in the form of medical and professional support. Expenses include such things as medication, therapy sessions, special dietary needs, special equipment, modifications to cars or homes and insurance premiums.

The spouse who maintains custody of special needs children may also require more in the form of spousal support and property. Many special needs children require around the clock care, so it is not possible for the custodial parent to work at the same time as caring for his or her children. Thus, there are also alimony and property settlement considerations for divorcing couples to take into account.

Have you experienced a divorce while worrying about how to provide for a special needs child? What recommendations would you give other couples?

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