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New NYU Research Suggests Soaring Divorce Rates Helped Women

Two New York University (“NYU”) professors have put out a preliminary research paper with a new spin on the effects that divorce has had on woman in the past 70 to 80 years. Their paper suggests that some of the difficult consequences of divorce have actually had a positive impact on women, boosting their education and work experience to levels that may never have been possible without the rise in divorce rates.

The paper looks at a lot of data, examining factors like women’s education, family structure, economy and culture since the mid 1930s. Profound changes took place in the span of twenty to thirty years. In 1935, for example, less than half of women were working. By 1955 already, nearly three-fourths were.

According to the study, the rise in divorce rates beginning in the 1960s had a disproportionate impact on women. Women were more likely to be raising children alone following the divorce, and they also faced troubles finding work, as they generally lacked the education and work experience of their ex-spouses. These family changes helped women bridge the college education gap between them and men. In fact, for over a decade now, more women have been attending college than men.

Divorce rates may have spurred larger numbers of women to achieve a college education and enter the workforce, but they still, on general, face a rougher economic time post-divorce than before. A few weeks ago, we posted about several studies confirming this phenomenon – that is, women finding themselves in a more secure financial situation during marriage than afterwards.

Has your experience confirmed or denied any of these findings? For better or worse, does divorce impact women the most?

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