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Phil Ivey Divorce Raises Lots of Conflict of Interest Issues

Poker fans will undoubtedly know who Phil Ivey is. Many consider the 35-year-old the best poker player in the world – he has eight World Series of Poker bracelets, and his cumulative tournament winnings are almost at $14 million. In contrast to his poker success, Phil is facing several problems with his divorce

Phil and his wife Luciaetta married in Las Vegas during the summer of 2002. The couple divorced (or at least they started to) in December of 2009, but the divorce settlement is not yet official due to alleged bias on the part of the judge who handled their case. Their divorce started off smoothly until Luciaetta began to feel that the divorce settlement was not very fair to her.

Phil’s attorney was the one who set Luciaetta up with her attorney in the divorce settlement. Additionally, Phil paid Luciaetta’s attorney, which also raises conflict of interest concerns. As with prenups, each spouse should have entirely independent legal representation.

Making the divorce settlement more suspect is the fact that Phil and his attorney donated $10,000 to the judge handling the Ivey divorce case. When Luciaetta finally hired her own attorney, her new attorney brought this to her attention as indicating possible bias on the part of the couple’s divorce judge. Luciaetta filed a complaint to remove the judge from the case and is pursuing the matter up to the Nevada Supreme Court. The Iveys’ original judge maintains that he is able to render a fair and just judgment.

What are your thoughts on the conflict of interest issues that the Ivey divorce brings up? Have you faced anything similar?

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